Dan Doyle
Areas of expertise include:
  • Coach & Trainer Conditioning
  • Advanced movement for aspiring professional/college athletes
  • "Entertainment Bodies"
  • "Accelerated Fat-Loss Without Surgery"
  • X Games Training
  • "40's and Still Hot"
  • "50+ Lookout!"
  • Pre and post pregnancy - Look great during, and even better after!
  • Body Redesign
  • Actors of the Screen & Stage
  • Neurological rehab from stroke or brain injury
  • Advanced athletic rehabilitation
  • Outdoorsman Survival Conditioning - Strength of Mind and Body
  • Beginning Athletics - Youth aged motivation and mindset skills
  • Coordination and basic skills for youth ages 5-12
L.A. Shape Changers also offers specialized training in the following areas: Advanced Sports Rehab - Targets rehabilitation at the neurological level for major injuries, surgeries, and strokes, while redeveloping the affected areas back to their former performance level. Rehab clients also typically see improvements in their overall fitness Bone Loss - One of the most common and undertreated conditions for women as early as in their 20s, and elderly people both male and female. Immediate improvements are generated from technical resistance training Advanced Movements are provided as needed for individuals that require high level of athletic skill or needing that extra edge for optimum performance.
Coaches and trainers are given the challenge to develop athletic skill and conditioning. More importantly, there is a mindset needed to achieve the athletic and physical potential of each person
to perform at their highest level. At some point in a person's athletic or fitness training, Athletic Mental Potential or "AMP" is necessary. L.A. Shape Changers blends this ingredient into our teaching from the start. It is often said that the inability to achieve "AMP" is the number one reason for failure in many athletes' careers. Many aspiring athletes of all levels do not get the necessary training to develop this important faculty.
Present clients include: Youth through college level athletes, fitness enthusiasts, body builders, coaches and trainers needing to improve their skills, and individuals looking to change their bodies for good.